serra, wet brick projection For the Hamburg show, grass train, Will Rockel Matt Shrimpton

Berlin pt 2


Berlin pt 1

dortmund, cheese, wine guy


ecomania, red floortom painting, my soap, grapes

lyon grrrnd zero laws, the van, swiss beauty, swiss stage, "best western" pau, fr

Our Driver Mat Hocking has some problems with his stuff.  I 've fixed his GPS power adapter 3 times.  In these photos he lost his Ipod in the car.  Literally inside of the body of the vehicle.  Also, Homer and Bart pops.

spray paint the walls, barcelona, bordeaux

Bilbao, Spain.  puppy, guggenheim, flowers

Besancon, Fr


Cherbourg is in the Normandie region of france, It is famous for many things but the two we heard most about were is cheeses (pictured) and how it was the original point of departure for the Titanic.  

1oo club in london.  This is one of the oldest music venues still around today.  It was originally a jazz club, but it's most famous for early punk shows in the late 70's.  This is the drum set I am using for the tour, its zach hill's, who is an amazing drummer and the nicest guy.  His drums smell awful but thats cool.  Also this is is the tag me and molly have been using all over europe.  Bjork/Beethoven strikes again!  also this is Metallica playing the 100 club!  my dreams have come true.


this guy is thinking big! He is building a Sound SYstem in Jamaica

Animals in War memorial.  There is a quote that isn't legible that reads " they didn't have a choice."  


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